Factory View In & Out

Outer View Factory


Our Factory is located at a wonderful location near Airport in Srinagar with a beautiful view of mountains. 

Offices at Factory


Our Offices are on top where all our management & Chairman/President have their cabins. All our stores are connected with this office for accounts etc. 

Inside View of Office


Looks of our offices

Weaving Section


We have Rapiers with multi tuck in for producing multiple width fabrics at a time. 

Semi Automatic Power Looms


We have large number of Semi Automatic power looms for production of fine quality of cotton, modal, cashmere, wool & Silk. These machines are capable of weaving low twist yarns to make the fabric super fine. 



We have highly skilled workers who make very fine warps so that these warps go smooth on looms while weaving fabric. 

Digital Printing & Dyeing

Digital Printing


Digital Printing is known as the highest quality of print which has become very popular since some years for garments, scarves & fabric. Pureweave uses the best quality of Printing machines for its production. 

Digital Printing


We make exclusive designs of Digital prints for our production of Fabric & Scarves. 



Padding process is very important to get the right quality of digital print on end product. Our skilled padding team do well in mixing the chemicals for brightness and sharpness of prints.

Hand dyeing


Pureweave have been doing hand dyeing since years and have highly skilled dyers for color matching and processing by hand. 

Omrey Dyeing


When it comes to multi shade dyeing , hand dyeing is the best process to make some thing extra what machines can not do. Pureweave makes the best omrey's in multi shades with elegant looks. 

Copper Bowls


We use high quality of Copper Bowls which are perfect for dyeing products like Cashmere - Wool Silk - Cotton - Modal etc. All our dyes are Azo free without any hazardous chemicals. 


Worlds best stitching machines

We believe stitching is the major part of manufacturing when it comes to make a garment.  We use very fine quality of machines to make very nice stitched garments. All our products are made in our own factory by highly skilled tailors and masters.