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Fur  Cashmere Capeshawl (Winter)

Super Fine – Super Soft – Luxurious – Elegant Product

Size: 70 cms X 180 cms (28″ x 72″)

Fine Cashmere Cape shawl. A nice wear for winters. Fur gives an elegant look to the cape which looks nice while draping it the way shown in the picture. It can also be worn around the neck as a  stole.

Pureweave is specialized in producing fine quality of Cashmere Scarves ,  Shawls  & Ponchos. We use fine quality of Cashmere fibres,  brought from different regions to produce soft Cashmere Stoles & Shawls. The micron level ranging between 15.5 to 16.5 is then converted into fine quality of 2/150’s and 2/160’s Nm Yarn count. The Fabric is made on slow speed power loom to handle it’s delicacy by our Skilled workers. Cashmere is a European name of Pashmina which was derived way back. Cashmere and Original Pashmina comes form the same Capra Hircus Goat and is found in high altitudes of Ladakh – Mongolia – Tibet – China – Afghanistan – Iran – Scotland etc. Every region has it’s own uniqueness, Ladakh & Tibet produces very fine quality of fibre due to high altitude where these capra hircus Goats grow soft fibre. Mongolian Cashmere could be considered on second number which has more of a silky feel and gives very elegant shine on a final fabric. Other regions produce similar but are mostly used to produce thick yarns for sweaters, Garments or any other kind of thick fabric.

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