Cashmere Stole – Digital Printed – Bluesh Purple


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Pure Cashmere Stole

Super Fine

Digital Printed Stole

Size: 70 cms X 200 cms (28″ x 80″)

Pureweave is specialized in producing fine quality of Cashmere Scarves & Shawls. We use fine quality of Cashmere fibre which is imported from Mongolia to produce soft Cashmere Stoles & Shawls. The micron level ranging 15.5 to 16.5 is then converted into fine quality of 2/150’s and 2/160’s Nm Yarn count. The Fabric is made on power loom to handle it’s delicacy by our Skilled workers. Cashmere is European name of Pashmina which was derived way back. Cashmere and Original Pashmina comes form the same Capra Hircus Goat and is found in high altitudes of Ladakh – Mongolia – Tibet – China – Afghanistan – Iran – Scotland.


Digital Printing is known as the highest quality of prints, which has become very popular over the years on scarves & fabric. Pureweave use the best quality of Printing machines equipped with Epson heads for production of scarves. We make exclusive designs in Digital prints for our production of Fabric & Scarves. Pureweave  makes best Digital Printed Cashmere Stoles & Shawls. Skilled workers print on Cashmere and take good care to make the fine quality of Digital Printed Cashmere Stoles.